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County Verifies Election Results

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CAPTION: A representative from the Republican and Democratic parties of Livingston County were at the courthouse Wednesday afternoon to verify the results from Tuesday's election. Party representatives are Republican John Cook (standing at left) and Democrat Wayne Ware (standing at right). Assisting with verification process are Sherry Parks, left, who was elected Livingston County clerk Tuesday and will be sworn into office on Jan. 1, and current County Clerk Kelly Christopher, seated at center.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Verification judges from both the Republican and Democratic parties of Livingston County certified election results Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse. Livingston County saw a 51 percent voter turnout in Tuesday’s election with 4,619 of the county’s 9,126 registered voters casting ballots.

The results for Livingston County alone are printed below:

U.S. Senator
Robin Carnahan (D) 1,356
Roy Blunt (R) 2,901
Jonathan Dine (L) 147
Jerry Beck (CST) 100
Write-in 4
State Auditor
Susan Montee (D) 1,840
Tom Schweich (R) 2,412
Charles W. Baum (Lib) 202
Write-In 3
U.S. Rep. 6th District
Clint Hylton (D) 966
Sam Graves (R) 3,547
Write-In 11
State Senator - 12th District
Brad Lager (R) 3,839
Write-In 30
State Representative - 7th District
Dale R. Toms (D) 980
Mike Lair (R) 3,545
Write-In 6
Circuit Judge - Division 1
Daniel Chadwick (D) 1,118
Tom Chapman (R) 3,390
Write-In 7
Circuit Judge - Division 2
R. Brent Elliott (D) 3,285
Write-In 65
Associate Judge
James P. Valbracht 3,976
Write-In 21
Presiding Commissioner
Eva Danner (D) 3,767
Write-In 55
Circuit Clerk
Brenda L. Wright (D) 3,603
Write-In 45
County Clerk
Sherry Parks (D) 3,657
Write-In 49
Recorder of Deeds
Kelly Christopher (D) 3,713
Write-In 44
Prosecuting Attorney
Adam L Warren (R) 3,822
Write-In 28
Amendment No. 1
Yes 3,058
No 1,167
Amendment No. 2
Yes 2,512
No 1,742
Amendment No. 3
Yes 3,582
No 758
Proposition A
Yes 3,066
No 1,288
Proposition B
Yes 1,080
No 3,434
Supreme Court Judge
(Zel Fischer)
Yes 2,375
No 1,258
Court of Appeals
(Victor C. Howard)
Yes 2,341
No 1,249
Court of Appeals
(James Welsh)
Yes 2,346
No 1,237
Court of Appeals
(Alok Ahuja)
Yes 2,100
No 1,490
Court of Appeals
(Mark Pfeiffer)
Yes 2,337
No 1,229
Court of Appeals
(Karen Mitchell)
Yes 2,326
No 1,255

View complete Livingston County results in PDF format here...

Voters Out Before Dawn
CT 11 02 10

C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

A large crowd filed in to vote at the Calvary Baptist Church. The church received voters from the Third and Fourth Wards and had many sudden bursts of voter activity, including this one at around 8:30 a.m. The polls opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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